High Country Horses

Rees River Trail

Two years ago, we had gone on a horse trek with Dart Stables, and it had been the highlight of the whole trip for both of us. For the sake of doing something similar but not the same, I booked us on the Rees River Trail with High Country Horses, another horse trekking company in Glenorchy. High Country Horses has the same number of stars on Google as Dart Stables, so I was convinced it would be a similarly wonderful experience.

The Rees River Trail is basically an analog to the Dart Stables trek we’d gone on before, centered around river crossings and getting the opportunity to go a little faster. A mom duck and her ducklings (pictured below) arrived right as the horses were being fed to pick up all the scraps deposited on the ground. The ducks did not fear the horses and the horses did not bat an eye at the ducks. It seemed like they did this every day.

Overall, our High Country Horses experience was, as expected, very similar to our Dart Stables experience. The weather was particularly good this week and horse trekking was a fantastic way to see this picturesque part of the world. The route was different from the one with Dart, though, which was the exciting part. We did many more river crossings and got to splish splash through with the horses. We also went up a stream and under lots of lush foliage. Like Dart, we all went at the trot several times and then tried a canter. It felt safe and the horses were well-trained. I rode Bertha and Hayden rode Rowdy. Bertha was a good girl and Rowdy liked to eat flowers.

Here are all of Hayden’s photos:

Here are all of my photos:

My horse kept wanting to eat the flowers. Even when we were trotting, with its head it would grab them. And there wasn’t much I could do about it, because I was trying so hard just to stay on the horse.

– Hayden, on High Country Horses

Back in the Glenorchy township, we had an instant noodle lunch and Hayden complained about nutrition while I basked in the cheapness. After that, we spent the rest of the afternoon booking things for our upcoming Michigan trip. To make up for the instant noodles, Hayden got to choose dinner. We had grilled cheese (grilled shoddily on the Jetboil) and tomato soup (heated on the Jetboil). I got a stomach ache. Over grilled cheese and tomato soup, we started watching season 8 of the Bachelorette, because the runner-up from that season is going to be the new Bachelor.

Day of Rest

The next day was a day of rest. Hayden went on a run and took some pictures. I slept in.

I stopped at Ms. Wooly’s and got us more fruit and the cheapest loaf of bread they had. Apparently the cheapest loaf of bread at Ms. Wooly’s was pretty good, because Hayden immediately rejected the last few slices of our old bread and only ate the new bread from then on out.

We made pasta and red sauce for lunch (usually a safe food for me) and then I got heartburn for awhile and lay in bed. The Glenorchy Hotel isn’t that nice, but I did like lying in bed. I briefly got out of bed to do a Charmeleon raid at the waterfront again, and then it was back to the hotel. Hayden convinced me to eat dinner at the Glenorchy Hotel restaurant, which has meh food and high prices. Also, people were smoking in the garden where we were eating. Ugh.

There was a little bird that kept coming for crumbs. He is pictured above eating a fallen french fry crumb.

The food wasn’t that great and my god it was expensive. That is all.

Coming up next: a self-guided offroading adventure through the wilds of Glenorchy!



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