That’s a Wrap, Adelaide

With the awards ceremony and all official WSC business behind us, the team just had to pack everything up to get shipped back to Stanford. While the team spent all of Monday furiously packing, I stayed at the Airbnb working on job applications and being sick with a cold. By the time Hayden arrived home, I was passed out in bed, having failed to stay awake for even Netflix. He dragged me to get ramen for my throat and Movenpick for my soul. After that, we got sick food from a convenience store, went home, and watched a romantic comedy. Don’t ask.

Things were certainly winding down. It wasn’t like getting my master’s degree, where it just popped up in the mail one day. Boom, you’re graduated.

No, it was more of a gradual slope, easing me into a world without solar car. In that way, it didn’t feel momentous or anything, just gradually more relaxing every passing day.

Tuesday morning, Hayden and I spent a few hours updating his resume to apply for summer internships. Eventually we went out to the grocery store in search of food. We made pesto pasta salad for lunch and then found a Thai massage place that I cannot recommend. They were too hurty.

There had been plans to see the new Kingsman movie, but there was a final team meeting that evening instead. Hayden and I made red wine risotto for dinner (it was really good, expect more of this) and ate it at the meeting. I had a Vodka Cruiser with my risotto and divvied out our remaining alcohol stash amongst the team. The meeting was kind of like an official farewell — to each other and, for me, to solar car.

The team went out all together one last time. (I had a raspberry mohito. Highly recommended.)

The Gallery

Wednesday morning, Gawan, Harrison, Hayden, and I rolled out to do one last round of Pokemon Go together. I caught 2 Raikous in raid battles! My first legendary Pokemon. ❤

On our way back to the Airbnb, I got some regular clothing from Cotton On and Hayden and I searched for a place to repair his sunglasses. (He’d broken them while sliding under the solar car with them in his pocket.) While we didn’t find anywhere that could repair his nice sunglasses, we did find a tourist shop that sold cheap sunglasses. We had lunch back at the Airbnb and then went to the pool.

The pool stuck out of the building by like 1.5 feet, which was cool because then you could swim over a tiny stub of glass. There was also a nice jacuzzi.

And finally, after 3 days of waiting, Hayden and I saw Kingsman: the Golden Circle. It was pretty good. On our way back, we stopped at Movenpick one last time to say goodbye to Adelaide. It was exquisite.

Chocolate Fondant

The next morning, we would be flying out of Adelaide and on to Auckland!


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