Flinders Warehouse

On Wednesday morning, we woke up to a whole lot of rain. I tried to get a picture of it.

I swear it was raining harder than it looks

Somehow the team managed to find a random warehouse area owned by Flinders University that we could use through Friday. The warehouse was not part of the main Flinders campus, but part of some sort of “innovation” area shared with a government-run vocational school called TAFE SA.

The warehouse wasn’t heated, so we California wimps were pretty cold. We considered buying a space heater but also considered ourselves in the outback asking “why do we have a space heater” and “it’s too hot here we don’t need a space heater” and “the space heater isn’t very good at heating this campsite.” Instead, everyone huddled around the singular flood lamp we’d brought, turning it into a heat lamp rather than a lamp lamp. Unfortunately, Cori had to be sent into a cold cage in the warehouse far away from us because she was dremeling carbon.

We all dealt with the cold in different ways.

The space was fairly secluded and safe, so we were able to just spread out and leave most of our things out overnight.


Along with working on the canopy, steering system, and other assorted finishing touches, the mech team also discussed what it meant to be a “mech kid,” as I lovingly call the mechanical team excluding me and Hayden. We decided that Cori is an adopted mech kid, jokingly because she is dating my mech child Ben and is thus apart of the mech fam (but seriously because she does mech things.) As Ben sat unassumingly nearby, Cori and I wept about our dear Ben who had gone away to the emu war, and “at least we women have each other, and our knitting.” Mike is also a mech kid, who we sent off to boarding school to build the battery pack.

Sometime after that quick escalation, Ben found an apple.

Mech kids:

Ben and Cori doing something weird to Sarah. Not pictured here: Mike (with battery pack), Kenyon, Tarun (both somewhere in the States)

Work on the car continued.


The second day at the warehouse, we discovered that there was a nice food court area inside the very same building. The hallway passing from our warehouse to the food court/innovation hub was a drastic change from empty and cold to basically the d.school. Some of us ate there, and 4 of us had udon. The udon was way better than anything I’ve had in Palo Alto (but not Torrance.)

We made Hayden dremel, too.

dust everywhere

On our last day at the warehouse, mech team’s only big task was to swap out the primary topshell for the secondary topshell (for initial testing.) Other than that, we gathered supplies we would need for the outback and packed our convoy vehicles. It was a pretty late night.

Meanwhile, Ben found a carrot somewhere. “Who found a carrot,” I said. “I did,” Ben said, mouth full of carrot.

We loaded the car for its journey into the outback and headed out of the warehouse.

Next day (that’s today!), we checked out of the Big4 and got on the road to our first stop, Glendambo, where we’ll begin test driving tomorrow. We’re on the road now! Soon to hit Port Augusta.


This will be the last time we see green fields for awhile. It’s all red dirt and rocks from hereon out.

The Bonus Column

Topic: Pokemon Go

I named the bear with the circle on its tummy ManBearPig. Hayden left his ManBearPig at a gym at the warehouse and it looked like it had lost an arm.

In the emu war.



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