Sharky Blast Off at the Speed of Light

The excerpt of this post sums it up well, but read on for a string of wandering thoughts.

As I lie here at LAX, listening to an occasional ear-splitting beeping noise that seems to be required of the golf carts that troll the halls, I think about just how crazy it is that I decided to do this AGAIN. I certainly hadn’t planned on it, not at the end of last cycle, but, as it turns out, the final month and a half of my Stanford career will be spent racing a solar car across the outback. (Again.)

I won’t lie — the journey here has not been easy. I had a dog metaphor to put here, but instead I’ll just say that it’s been February for a long time, and leave it at that.

Following my official graduation from all things Stanford, Hayden and I have quite an adventure ahead of us. From mid-October up through December, we’ll be traversing New Zealand, Florida, and Kauai, with pit stops at home in the LA area (2 day park hopper pass to Disneyland here we come) and the bay area (I need a job). I’m anticipating a lot of beaches, margaritas, sleeping, and general R&R.

Oh, and the shark. I’ve brought Sharky the miniature shark plush toy, to pose for photos along the way. To be clear, Sharky has no affiliation to the San Jose Sharks. He is local from the Aquarium of the Pacific, purchased when I was in elementary school and cleverly named Sharky. There is no particular reason for bringing a shark versus any other animal.

It’s a shark.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll be getting an Australian sim card, so I won’t be reachable by text or call for awhile, but all internet-based apps will still work in the usual ways.

Here are some photos of Tazi sitting in boxes:


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