Open Farm Day

Hello to my sad and abandoned blog, where I return very briefly to mention Farm Day. I have been doing other fun things that I have not written about, and I am still planning on writing posts about my trip to London this past December, but in the meantime… FARM DAY!

I mentioned my aspirations of one day having a farm to my friend Miranda, who then invited me and Hayden to go with her and her husband, Sean, to something called Farm Day. I didn’t really understand what Farm Day was or why it existed but it sounded AMAZING. Hayden understood even less than I did and kept asking “wait what’s farm day again?”

The event was at Full Belly Farm, somewhere 2 hours north of Palo Alto. As our two couples discussed Farm Day, most of the conversation revolved around the question “wait what’s farm day again?”

Farm Day was awesome! Other than being covered in disgruntled families attempting to have a good time (“JEREMY IF YOU DO THAT ONE MORE TIME WE ARE LEAVING THIS FARM” and “EMMA PUT DOWN THOSE ROCKS YOU CAN GET ROCKS AT HOME”), Farm Day was filled with lots of cool things to see and eat. Full Belly Farm sold their organic farm products, like various nuts, almond butter, and veggies. There was this big, beautiful barn-inspired building. #farmgoals

On the front lawn, there was a little pen with two baby sheep in it, to immediately gratify multiple children’s impatience to see the farm animals NOW. A taste of the farm, contained in a pen for our tourism convenience.¬†Multiple families and their loud children discussed whether the animals were sheep or goats or horses or what. I’m not sure what conclusion was reached, but it left me confused about what the animals actually were, and whether the big one was the mommy or just a larger baby.

First, we went on a tour around the farm. We saw crops and sheep and then we were going to see the chickens but the WOOD-FIRED PIZZAS were ready so we rushed over to get those. The pizzas were organically grown on the farm, just like the produce.

Also, see Miranda and Sean organizing themselves for a photo:

After lunch, we went to see the chickens. One rooster had somehow gotten out of the pen, but it seemed that he wanted to go back in the pen but didn’t know how. He wandered back and forth along the fence going bock-bock. He wanted to be with his friends! Hayden and I wanted to save him like we saved the baby sheep, but we didn’t want to get bitten (or bird flu etc) so we left him where he was.

Before we left, Hayden and I got a photo on the tractor because I saw a 5 year-old child doing it and I wanted a turn.


Full Belly Farm told us to head down the road to their neighbor, Pasture 42, where there was olive oil ice cream (do not recommend), yogurt, milk, pomegranate juice, Mexican cinnamon cookies, and soap for trying and buying. Hayden loved the pomegranate juice so much that he bought some. There was a giant pig (I didn’t know pigs got that big!) who had just had piglets, but the piglets were lying in a pile far away from sight.


We wandered into a dingy-looking barn, and found a surprise waiting in a darkly lit corner! In one box, there were chicks going cheep-cheep. In another box, there were slightly older awkward teenage chicks going cheep-cheep. There were so many of them! There were also goats, but they looked surly and I didn’t like them very much.

Hayden’s favorite part about Farm Day was inspecting the farm setups to get a sense of how his farm will operate. Miranda, Sean, and I would look around every once in awhile and see that Hayden had wandered off to peer under a tractor. He decided that this was the tractor for him:



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