The Mazda Becomes a Mustang

trouble with the wipers
trouble with the wipers

While driving on the left in Ireland, I never seemed to have trouble with mixing up the turn signals and windshield wipers. However, upon arriving in Australia, multiple team members pointed out how confusing the switch was. Then, my first time driving on the left in Australia, I continuously activated the wipers rather than the signals — Darren made fun of me endlessly. Today, on the way to VW, he made the same mistake! To get back at him, I may have had some part in causing him to turn on the wipers… And for awhile he had some trouble turning them back off. “We’ll figure out the wipers later,” Darren said as he executed a turn with the wipers going at speed 2.

VW was a long day of vinyl and paint. I spent half the day finishing the vinyl on the convoy vehicles. Darren gave me creative license to decorate how I pleased, so I put a couple scraps of vinyl on the tow vehicle to match the stripes on the trailer…

the fastest damn tow vehicle on the road

Then, taking the racing stripes a step further, I cut up some fatty strips of vinyl and transformed our Mazda 3…

the Mazda becomes a Mustang
the Mazda becomes a Mustang

That was pretty much the most important thing I’ve done for the team in Adelaide. After the trailer building crew finished adding the shelf to the trailer, the paint crew came in and finished it up. I mainly painted the top of the trailer and these photos make it look like a lot of fun!

FullSizeRender (7)
pouring out the last few drops
FullSizeRender (8)
ran out of paint, waiting for Jamie to come back with more… in the meantime, i am rab

And here’s the finished product!

FullSizeRender (10)

And just in case you were wondering what I ate for dinner…

pancakes and eggs -- breakfast for dinner!
pancakes and eggs — breakfast for dinner!

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