Landed and Bunked

After 24 hours of airports and customs officers rifling through our things, we have arrived safely in Adelaide and met up with the team at Shakey’s Backpackers Hostel. We will be here for about the next six days, and then we’ll be heading into the outback to start test driving again.

bunks at Shakey’s – see the picture of Hayden eating a gyro on the laptop screen sitting on the bed (inception!)

Post-flight was rather mundane. Those arriving in Adelaide today mused over driving on the wrong side of the road and noted that “hm, it looks kind of like the U.S. here.” We got into the hostel and then Hayden and I dropped some things off at a nearby storage locker so we won’t have to carry them around during our time with the team. Then we stopped for lunch and ate gyros (spelled “yiros” at this restaurant but still pronounced “euros” I DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING ANYMORE).

those precious moments we live for

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