Hi Auckland, Bye Auckland

Hello from Auckland(‘s International Airport), where we will be spending the next 2 hours until our flight to Adelaide. During our 12 hour flight, Hayden and I were magically upgraded to some sort of Premium Economy seats, which we didn’t realize until the TV screens in front of us offered to show us How To Get The Most Out Of Our Seats. As it turns out, the seats reclined AND had footrests. Unfortunately, the footrests took up all of the legroom and Hayden was too big so we didn’t use them after one failed experience.

Then Hayden and I discovered that we could “seat chat” with each other from really bad touch screens. I accidentally named myself Hayden in an attempt to find Hayden, so Hayden became Rachel to avoid confusion.


Hayden intensely watching Furious 7

Hayden made the poor decision to watch Furious 7 during the flight. We watched two separate scenes in which two dudes intentionally got into head-on collisions at high speed (dramatic effect idk how they coordinate that), and then got out of their wrecked cars to fist fight.

That was as exciting as it got during the flight. We also had this really pretty view of the sunrise as we landed in Auckland.

FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (2)
Objects appear cooler than they actually are.

And then I took a test Polaroid to make sure my film hadn’t been damaged by the x-ray machines. Hayden, sitting at a Burger King waiting for our gate to be announced.

In other news, Hayden noted that “even the airport is beautiful in New Zealand!” — a taste of what’s to come in a little over a month.

Bye Auckland!


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